Sunday, August 2, 2009

some of our summer fun

We have been able to travel through some of July and spend some time with Brian's family in New Braunfels.  We had a great time and Jada had a blast for sure.  One of the highlights of our time was the San Antonio zoo where Jada got to comb lots the goats hair :)  A well known fact about Jada is that she could comb hair for she was loving it!  And she also got to feed the birds there too.  She had a spectacular time.  She was little miss social with all of Brian's family and really enjoyed her time!  

And we put curlers in Jada's hair for the first time...she loved it :)  Beauty shop is fun at any age!
I had a couple of photo shoots this week with lights and the backdrop...Jada and Daddy jumped in on some of the photo fun...
And this pic above is a REAL Jada smile...rare to catch on camera!
Also, Jada and Brian enjoy playing their guitars together often.  I thought these pics were fun...and of course Jada just fell right over on her back in her musician's exhaustion.  

We are now in South Padre for a whole week...YAY!  Lots of fun friends will be at our home in the mean time.  So this is goodbye to the computer for the next 7 days!!!  Freedom ;)  Love you all.


  1. i love this last picture especially, with Jada's little tutu peeking out from under the guitar! so adorable!

  2. and where is Mrs Lee in all the action? hmm? i don't see your pretty face in any of the shots...

    i know i've said it 100 times, but Jada is so beautiful. and i love all the shots of Jada & Brian delighting in each other. Brian was made to father girls, for sure!

    love you Lees!