Saturday, August 15, 2009

You are my sunshine...

I want to really take in each moment.  I have been really happy lately just watching Jada...she is really fun. The other day we were at a store and she was singing "you are my sunshine" loudly while she puttered around the checkout.  The lady behind the cash register was just smiling the whole time and at the end asked if she could take her home with her.  I was simply reminded in that moment how I am the blessed one that gets to take her home with me :)  She is really a treasure to watch.  
So, I am wanting to freeze her at this age yet watch her grow.  Ever felt like that?  I am really glad to be a mom.  I don't want to be in the middle of my day and realize that I haven't taken her in...just her little words and actions.  
We have a quote that is on the wall in our bathroom that says "The greatest honor we can give God is to live gladly because of the knowledge of His love."- Lady Julian of Norwich.  
So, the prayer that I have been praying is "Jesus, help Brian and me to be great examples f thankful and glad living because of the way that you have loved us.  Let this thankfulness and gladness be contagious to our children."


  1. steph, i love hearing your heart on this because it is encouraging to me and reminds me to take in each moment. i, too, want to watch my baby grow yet want him to stay where he is now! it goes by so fast! so thanks for the reminder in that area of being a mom!


  2. how beautiful! Beauty in grief. Joy in sorrow. Praise the Lord!