Thursday, September 10, 2009

DANCE... the little and big

Monday morning was a dance photo shoot with the big girls...Friday is the first dance class for the little girls...Dance is in the air for me :)

The first, and sweetest, is that Jada and her buddies have their first ballet and tap class tomorrow morning! I am excited. I think Jada will be better and more at ease with the class this go round. Why? Well, the class size is 7 and all of them are her friends from church :) And her teacher is Mrs. Stephanie...aka: mom! This will be the first for both of us...I have never taught children under 5! So, here we go :)

And for the "big girls", I am super excited about them, a group of dancers that I am truly honored to be working with. I was asked to lead/create/choreograph and start a semi-professional dance company to go along with a ladies conference. The first conference is in February so we are starting to gather together really really great dancers to be a part of the dance group. The conference is called "Masterpiece" and the dancers are called "Talitha". These dancers will be dancing throughout the worship sets during the weekend conference and I will actually be dancing too! I am really excited. Lots of details and fun ways that the Lord has led me in this particular journey through dance...and I am excited. Here are some photos from our time together on Monday. I didn't think the most graceful pics would be of me 7 months pregnant... so I opted out :) Our friend Andrew took these stellar photos! Thanks again!

Tomorrow I will post the little dancer photos...

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  1. Suzanna is first in line when you teach the 9 year olds PRAISE DANCE!!! I think it is wonderful God is restoring your season of dance to you. WE need to chat. Hopefully this weekend we can find sometime. I love and miss you, Sara