Wednesday, September 2, 2009

our camp adventures and the secret is out!

To officially finish out the summer, we headed to the hill country to meet up for our "home church reunion." It was so great to catch up and reconnect with the people that we lived our lives with for so long. We love them so much and it was so great to see them. It was fun to watch how all of the children are growing up so much too! I didn't get my camera out near enough but did manage to get a few photos of the children.

Jada getting ready to go :)
The crew of kids playing after some swimming time

The ever important sticker earrings that Ru helped the girls to

We were there for a couple of days when we left for our com-church family camp. It was great to be among the people that God has given us to live our lives with now. It was really fun for us to sit back and see the Lord's kindness towards us in giving us the kinds of friends that He has over the years. We are truly blessed...really. The only pic that I got at com-church camp was of Jada and Brian playing in the top bunk early Sunday morning. It was fun!

And once again, I must post about my secret candy drawer...the word is out and Jada is fully aware of the joy and delight that awaits her in that drawer! O what have I started? Strangely, she doesn't like chocolate (unless it is in the form of an M&M) so that means the Twix are all mine!!! :)

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  1. I see I need to come get into the candy drawer. You have a lot of Special Dark Hershey's that have my name on them. Yummy