Sunday, September 27, 2009

some upcoming things...

Hi Friends,
I wanted to type this like an email that I would like to send to you all in hopes that you might pray for me and for our family over the next few weeks. So here goes...
This coming Saturday, October 3rd, will be the one year mark when we lost our precious Mia. We miss her and want to experience, express, remember, and look forward to glory as we head into that day. We really just want to remember our Mia well...and remember all that the Lord has done, is doing and will do because of her mark on our lives.

Then, the weekend of October 16th, I will be the speaker for the Phi Lamb retreat. This is a Christian girl's sorority that I was a part of while I was at A&M many years ago :). I will be sharing my story along with 3 other talks throughout the weekend! So...I am in the midst of preparing now and would LOVE your prayers for that too. The theme of the weekend is "consider the birds"...which I have to say that I LOVE the theme. It is a comforting phrase isn't it?

And on the heels of that we will have our first "Talitha" meeting. What is "Talitha"? Well, a few months back my friend Donna told me about a conference that the Lord has given her vision for. In a nutshell...a conference for young women that is purposed to fix our eyes on Christ and allow Him to heal, restore, free, and spur us on towards His kingdom. Pretty exciting. The conference is called "Masterpiece" and the first conference will be held right here in Aggieland in February! So, what is "Talitha?"...Donna asked if I would head up a semi-professional dance company to be a part of the worship times. And, I said yes! The dance company is now called "Talitha" and we start with our first meeting in October! Lots of organizing and planning going on for that and I am grateful.

So...ALL of that packed into the month before our sweet Kiva comes! Kiva is due November 12th and tomorrow we begin preparing her nursery. My mom has made Kiva's bedding and it is to come when it is set up! I am super excited to get her room nice and ready.
So, friends, all of that to say...would you mind shooting up a prayer or two for us? Thanks!
Love you - Steph


  1. Those young women are going to be so blessed by your ministry. I will pray right now for all of those things.

  2. have already been thinking and praying for you going into this next week. i will add all of the things you mentioned to those prayers. you are loved!

  3. Prayers for you, Stephanie, in all the upcoming events. I *love* the retreat theme "consider the birds"...I might have to steal it for an upcoming article I'm writing!

  4. Praying for my sweet Lees!! And, I have to add that you make an amazingly graceful seven month pregnant lady!! Looks like God is up to some goodness in your life :)