Friday, September 25, 2009

a little old man...

So, this morning was just about the worst morning that I can remember having with Jada. Before 9:00 I was in tears twice and that is not taking into account Jada's tears too. I just wanted to start over...but needed to get to dance by 9:30. After Brian bribed her to obey me in dance today, she still didn't.

She spun in circles while all of the other dancers were standing on their stars paying attention...

She sat down on her star when all of the other children were practicing their shuffles...

She sat by the mirror while the other dancers were practicing sliding their feet with their pointed feet...

So, needless to say, no surprise from daddy as her reward.

I really asked the Lord for patience and joy...for both of us. And I must say, He sustained us both and didn't allow either one of us to have a total fit or breakdown! I have never walked out of a job after saying with a loud voice "I QUIT"...but that is what I wanted to say today around 8:30 was just that kind of morning.

So, as I sat down with a deep breath on my couch after I successfully put Jada in her bed for her nap I opened up my e-mail to find some really fun things:

My new friend, Shauna, who is an outstanding photographer, took some photos of me and Jada on Tuesday...she sent some to me and posted them on her blog. I read what she wrote and I cannot tell you how much the Lord spoke to me today through her words of life. It was as if I was able to refocus in the midst of being pitiful! Shauna's photography and her written words ministered to my soul and helped me to smile from my heart. That was a cheezy phrase, but that is really what I experienced...a glad heart!

About 5 minutes later I hear Jada yelling/singing joyfully "Zacheus was a little old man, a little old man, a little old man and we're going to his house today!" repeated about 20 times. I laughed out loud and just enjoyed the moment.

Now, she is yelling from her room "Mommy, I had a good rest"...without resting one bit, but still I am delighted. Thank you, Father, for lifting me today!

Oh, and Shauna's blog: and enter into the blog section- in case you are interested!


  1. okay everyday is that way for me...the disobedient child. thanks for the reminder that i need to ask for a happy heart. random, my sister knows shauna. her husband was actually the youth minister at their church in madisonville. can't wait to go over to her blog to see the pics. like yours, her work is amazing!

  2. oh my word, as expected breath taking photos. and what she wrote...priceless!

    how much longer do you have? you are carring low sister! maybe you will be early?!?!

  3. steph, i looked at the pictures and read her words...and now the tears just wont stop! I love you and love how you touch people. :)

  4. Um, those pictures are AMAZING please tell me they are going on your walls! ;)

  5. Yep, definitely cried when I looked at your photos. Breathtaking. Now I have seen you dance a little!

    Love you

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE those pictures! I think you are going to have the most beautiful family on the planet :) I have been thinking about you and your girls. I hope that all is well and we can catch up soon!

  7. Aunt Dawn and MadysonSeptember 29, 2009 at 6:48 AM

    That makes me laugh about Jada! She must have a little of her Grumpy in her. Haha! I love the photos! Next time we are there we want to go do that! I love them! See ya in a few day.