Monday, October 26, 2009

fall festval and rest!

We went to the fall festival in downtown Bryan on was a full day of fun, Jada had a blast and we also were able to see the dancers perform which Jada could have watched forever :) Here she is in the bounce castle, the race car, obstacle course and painting a van. We had a great time! The downside was that I have been "overdoing" it a bit and my blood pressure is a bit I am resting while MiMi takes care of me and Jada! Actually Mike and my mom came over and did so much around our house with Brian while entertaining Jada...I am so grateful!

As for me...other than two episodes of my heart feeling like it was going to beat out of my chest, I am feeling great and Kiva is moving around wonderfully. We get to meet her in TWO DAYS!!!!


  1. Hi Steph! So sorry we never got to get together. We have had a hectic past few weeks at our house. I cannot wait to meet Miss Kiva. Saying a prayer for your family for the big day!!!

  2. Many happy thoughts, prayers and wishes go with you into your momentous day tomorrow!!!!