Tuesday, October 13, 2009

kiva's room...coming along

I am really getting excited about Kiva's room!!! My mom finished Kiva's bedding which is AMAZING!!! I love it. I can't say how great it really is...you just have to see it! And my friend Whitney, an amazing artist, painted the most wonderful butterfly on her wall this morning! I am ordering a scripture (some wall letters) to go on the wall whimsically around and beside the butterfly. I am super excited. The walls are bare now, the curtains need to be hung and the lamp shade finished...but if Kiva decided to come tonight, she would be cozy :)

whitney hard at work!

the finished product...so far!
isn't it great???
Jada and Sera entertaining themselves with the drum

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  1. oh steph, i love the room! mama becky you are so talented! you must share pics when finished steph!