Friday, October 23, 2009

normal people do this kind of thing...

Tonight is an absolutely beautiful night here! Brian and I were officially putting off all sorts of stuff that we need to get done around the house so that we could enjoy eachother's company and enjoy the evening. So...about 9:00 we decided to make hot chocolate and go outside with the fresh crisp air and just talk. We took two lawn chairs into our front yard. That's right, our front yard. As we were sitting there enjoying the moon and stars we got a good laugh as we realized together:

Normal people do this kind of thing in their BACK YARD!

Not us...see, our back yard has a massive hole in it with crumbled up cement and lots of clay. There are remains of what used to be our pool in different areas and somehow the hole collects nasty rainwater. Yep, it is nasty and grose and if we had extra thousands of dollars we would totally have a normal backyard...with land and grass...but until that extra money comes in, we are working in stages. Most days I ignore it...sometimes I get pretty sad, irritated and totally frustrated...and sometimes I get a good laugh out of was one of those days.

We were totally happy in our front yard. Strange as we looked, we are so thankful to be together and talking about all sorts of stuff, including the fact that this time next week we will have TWO precious daughters asleep inside. We are blessed...and a bit ghetto too!


  1. he-he-ha-ha-ho-ho............
    you guys are pretty cute ghetto peeps

  2. I tried to get Curtis to do that exact thing with me last night in the back yard, but he said no! Tonight maybe I'll try the front yard and see if that works.

  3. You're not ghetto, you're retro. This is what people used to do before privacy fences. It's a great way to meet your neighbors. In CS, we did this almost every night. We were never in our backyard. I miss it! Take advantage of it. I miss you sweet friend and can't wait to meet precious Kiva! Prayers and blessings!! -shell

  4. Front yard, back yard it doesn't matter! You were enjoying God's creation on a beautiful night. I enjoy seeing the stars no matter where it happens to be!