Thursday, March 11, 2010

i have no idea how it got this bad!

Ok, you know how ALL of the folks on Biggest Loser say something like "I have no idea how my weight got this out of hand...I never thought it would get this bad." WELL, that is precisely how I feel about my kitchen floors! I was sweeping today and realized the depths of nastiness...after some serious scrubbing the floors look way way better, but seriously, I have NO idea how it got that bad! But day after day, bad decisions of not cleaning up kept piling up and today I am seeing how hard it is to take back my floors! So, I say, just like the Biggest Loser contestants "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I will not let the juice, dog paws, coffee grounds, and who knows what else win any more!"

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we have had so many people in and out of our home lately, or maybe it has something to do with the dirt that is in our driveway & backyard that keeps finding it's way inside, or maybe it is b/c I am still learning how to be a good homemaker, or maybe it has something to do with having a 3 year old, or maybe just maybe it has something to do with my lack of discipline in scrubbing the floors...either way...I resolve to change! Can I get an amen?

On another note, spring break is coming!!!! YES!!! I can't wait to have Brian home and hopefully do some fun things with the girls...zoo trip or something :) I will keep you updated. And I have not forgotten about updating you about Masterpiece/Talitha stuff...still processing! Love to you...


  1. Preach it, sister! I feel the same way! I love the spring weather that has inspired me to get down and get dirty with CLEANING THE HOUSE!!! which I very much hate doing, but at least the weather lends an encouraging hand. Learning discipline must begin with the housekeeping, and I have a lot to learn. Good luck with your attempt to be victorious!

  2. You could Fly to Minneapolis for Spring Break !!!!

  3. I am right there with ya girl. Our whole house is wood flooring and I sweep every other day and get piles. I have no clue where it all comes from.