Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kiva Hugs and sweet pics

One of the greatest experiences of my life happens daily...I affectionately refer to this as the "Kiva Hug". Kiva loves to hug, she puts her arms around me like she is totally hugging me and leans her little bald head against my cheek. And she LOVES being squeezed while we are hugging, which makes it that much more fun. And while we are hugging she usually sighs or makes the sweetest little noises right in my ear. Oh if I could save and share the smell, feel, and sounds of the Kiva just might change the whole world and make everyone a little bit happier!
Kiva is in this really cute stage of playing with her feet and most of the time you will see her with her fist in her mouth :) She is totally not a paci girl, which is totally not normal for us! I LOVED these pics of her b/c this is how we spend a lot of our time...playing.

And one of Jada's favorite friends', Sophie, had her princess birthday party which was possibly the most creatively done party ever! Here are the girls

And I thought this was a fun scene in Jada's room the other day...I have too much fun with them.


  1. look at those beautiful blue eyes of kiva's!!! oh, i want to squeeze her! and i love, love that last pic. made me smile, really big!

  2. Oh, how your girls make my heart smile and how my arms yearn for them! Loving you deeply & dearly!