Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lots of pics and an update

The light was coming into our room nicely today so we had a little fun with the girls...
Kiva is rolling over like a pro now!

She is sitting up for short spurts and then just kinda falls :) Pretty cute!We are experimenting with the side pony

Kiva is teething :) no teeth yet...but they are sure coming!
The Smithers came in for a visit...words cannot express how much the teach us and how happy we are to have spent time with them!!! Evan drew Jada one day, isn't it great???...thought that was fun...and our living room scene is what we get to do with them...hang out! It was nice :)

We have been good...Kiva has been changing my the minute and Jada has been lots of fun! More on life to come later!

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