Sunday, March 14, 2010

We love Justin

Brian and I are such big fans of a wonderful man named Justin. Many of you know him from Texas A&M and many of you don't have the privelage of knowing him...but he came for a visit all the way from the middle east! I was recalling the many many wonderful memories that we have with Justin...we traveled to London AND India with him. We did camp together at Deer Creek, Brian and Justin served for years in BYX together and Brian lived with Justin for a year in college. We have all learned a ton and changed a lot, but it has been so fun to be friends with him!
When he came to visit last week, I was blown away in a fresh way how cool this guy is! He LOVES...I mean really. He loves people well and serves (and always has) everyone! I think one of the things that stood out about the way he loved this weekend was how sweetly he loved on our girls! I was thinking about if I were back from the middle east and visiting friends, I would want them to stop everything and listen and gawk over how cool I am that I live among a totally different culture and am really loving Jesus and seeing lives changed (which is all accurate about Justin)...but instead, he talked with Jada about the things she likes to do and was interrupted numerous times with bath time, diaper changes and Team Umizoomi...and all the while was full of joy.
I have always respected his servant's heart and willingness to love beyond expectations. So, we love Justin!...sorry about the bad photos...I had my camera set funky. But it is proof of a sweet man with our sweet girls :)

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  1. Wow, Steph. You guys are so great. I'm a little embarrassed by this, and if it was a handwritten letter, it might have some tear stains on it :-)

    I really am so thankful for guys and for your love for Jesus and people. When I came to visit you, I felt so loved, and it was like I'd never left. If you ever get a chance to come to Doha, I have 2 extra bedrooms.