Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kiva Bear is ONE!

This is how our day started out...who couldn't be happy about the day with this face??? Now let me go back and tell you about the ways we were able to celebrate...and a few other fun things at the end...

We had a birthday party for Kiva on was super sweet and fun...Grammy, Grumpy, Aunt Dawn, and Madyson...Uncle Jason and Aunt Shannon and MiMi and PaPa were all there for the fun

MiMi made teddy bear cookies for our Kiva BearKiva and Uncle Jason

MiMi made a special cake for Kiva!
Aunt Ashley was there...which makes Kiva super happy!
And what's a one year old party without a picture of a belly hangin out with only one shoe on?
Kiva LOVES it when Brian tosses her in the air...squeels for sure!
I totally expected Kiva to dive into the cake...but the icing was a bit to sticky or intriguing!
One of Kiva's favorite gifts...a book about belly buttons...she LOVED it
a proud daddy...
after Kiva's party we had her dedication at church...these are the wonderful family and friends that joined us along with our church body as we prayed and blessed her. (Aunt Aubrey was there too...but she wasn't there yet for the pic!) It was a sweet time for sure. Aunt Ashley played Kiva's song that she wrote while I was pregnant with her and Thad spoke a blessing over her while the church body prayed that she would love Jesus with all of her life.Fast forward to Wednesday now...this was Kiva's last car ride facing the back!
Kiva's last ride was to family night for our small group...we met at the Fogle's house. Interesting and fun friend Anne and Kiva have the same birthday!!! And another friend of mine had her daughter, Izzy, exactly one week before of course we had to celebrate all of the girls' birthdays!
and of course Jada and Sophie enjoying a cupcake!...or maybe just the icing?
And this was first thing this morning!!!...We all took Daddy to work so we could all enjoy Kiva's first car ride facing the was super fun!
Play by play...Daddy putting Kiva in the car for the first time facing the front...what's that...a dvd??
Oh my goodness this is the most exciting thing in the world!Kiva proceeded to kick and squeel the entire ride...literally...she could hardly contain herself! I wish I would have taken a picture of her when she saw MiMi and when MiMi gave her a new doll...another elated moment!

We were able to meet my dad for was a good time to reconnect...and this picture is Kiva reaching for a nugget...seriously...she ate 8! The girl loves meat!

And the only appropriate way to end the day was celebrating my friend Anne at a murder mystery party...she and her husband looking hot in their 80's look! Love you, Anne :)

So now back up even further...last Saturday Aubrey, Ashley, my mom and I drove to Houston to celebrate AUNT SHANNON'S BIRTHDAY!!! It was a super fun birthday party...we were taught how to paint a picture starting from scratch...we were quite impressive indeed...but prepare yourselves for the picture that we painted :)
So here's my mom, Aunt Shan and Me before the painting fun began...
Mi Madre and Me

Aww...Ash and Aub!!!...Is this our first picture with the three of us?And our artwork!!!...on our drive down to Houston we were all talking in the car about which one of us will have the worst paintings...and hands down Ashley took that prize :) Check out the legs on her lady! I am laughing just typing this...looking at her painting never disappoints for a good laugh! I mean...isn't it a normal thing to paint bottoms?! Funny.
And the whole group...we love you Shannon and were honored to celebrate you...So at almost 1:00 am...I am done blogging and will start the day fresh tomorrow as we celebrate Kristen and Carlos as they get hitched! Can't wait!


  1. oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard right now! I know you are all insanely jealous of my skills, and I don't blame you. I am clearly a natural. I was just trying to rep all the different sizes and shapes of women...all in one painting :)

    and I love the belly pic of Kiva! so fun!

  2. so where is that painting going in the casa steph?!?!

  3. oh, and isn't that milestone of turning them forward so fun! totally remember that like yesterday with canon. how in the heck was that a year and a half ago!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH.......

  4. I'm cracking up right now, did i miss WHY you were painting booties in the first place??!!!! Oh please respond to this question, please please...

  5. wow. and i thought we were busy. you started your post with "this morning," the next paragraph was "then," "next" "after that" "that night"....i'm exhausted just reading about your life! lol! get some sleep this month sis...ya right, (as i always say). LOVE YOU to NC and back. :)

  6. and it REALLY blessed my heart that ashley played Kiva Bear's song for her dedication! i LOVE THAT and prayed tonight that God would really use aunt ashley's musical gifting for His kingdom and glory in real big ways.