Saturday, October 30, 2010

our flower girl's weekend..

Warning...lots of really poor quality photos...I left my good camera at home :(...but it was a great weekend. Brian, Jada and I headed to Waco for Kristen and Carlos' wedding! Brian was the officiant and Jada was one of the flower girls! And lots of our sweet friends were a part of the wedding. They are such a precious couple and we were truly honored to celebrate them! And Jada had a blast having some alone time with Mommy and Daddy too...we really enjoyed her. She LOVED the hotel...Jada would look for our room number and was in charge of the key every time. It was so sweet. So here goes a plethora of bad quality photos of a ton of sweet memories!

Jada and Sophie at rehearsal
All the girls playing ring around the rosies of course
Jada's picture that she loved...she took it while the rehearsal was going on :)

Jada and Kellie

Jada loving some Kellie/Bernie attention and love...The Big Day...My handsome hubby and the Handsome groom, Carlos!

All three flower girls and Jada's fake smile :)
Jada holding Kristen's flowers (she thought it was a big deal!)
Jada and Daddy
So sweet...Kristen seriously was BEAUTIFUL oh my goodness!!! I took her bridals and they are on my website if you want to see some more of this beautiful bride
Jada and Bern!!
The reception was so great...they had face painting and glow sticks for the kids!
While we were in Waco we visited the Cole's at the farm! David took us on a little farm tour which was so great. Here is Jada talking to baby Asha...Our walk on the farm

Turkeys...that will not be there in a month...
Jada loves animals and totally loved the Goats...
And this goat really loved Brian. He kept walking by and rubbing up against his leg...hilarious!
BunniesAnd possibly Jada's favorite part...picking Spaghetti squash...

she needed a little help
oh so proud!so last night for dinner after 45 minutes in the oven...



  1. So much fun. I just bought my first spaghetti squash - now I know what it's supposed to look like cooked!

  2. yeah! come back and see us...and this time stay longer! :)