Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A very broad update!...

There are lots and lots of things that have been going on in our world over here! So...I am planning to give you a broad overview of the fun we've been having. A couple of fun facts:
  • Kiva turns ONE this Thursday!!! We celebrated with a party in the park this past weekend and we were able to dedicate her to the Lord with our church...I can't believe how time has absolutely flown by...I will post those pics on her big day...
  • The girls and I took some pics in the pumpkin patch by our friend Kristen...it was a fun time
  • We have new neighbors! I have been meaning to blog about this for a while...our neighbors are JARED AND RISA!!! We are just so excited! They just moved in about a month ago and we are thrilled to get into the groove with them with intentional community life...we are already close with them so now we just get to live in this new way!!
  • As you know, Kiva loves her baby...and here she is putting her baby to bed...my grandad made this crib...so fun!
  • Jada has never really been into babies like Kiva...she has always loved animals more! For example...while Kiva was playing with her baby Jada decided the piggy bank was her baby for the day!
  • Jada is seriously a good artist for just turning four...she has been drawing really great hearts...here is one :)
  • I got Kiva this onesie for my sister-in-law, Shannon's, birthday...too fun. I also think it is for Aunt Dawn too :) I just love her joy in this photo!
  • I had the chance to speak at a couple of different ladies things lately. This past Thursday I had the chance to speak at an event called "Roots." It was a really sweet time with ladies from high school age to grandma age. It was a truly beautiful representation of generations among women. I got to talk about mentoring and discipleship...but I didn't talk about that. Really what I talked about was Mothers and Daughters. It is a subject that is so dear to my heart for so many reasons. I could share all sorts of fun stuff about it, but I will share an experience that I had before I spoke...I had been preparing and feeling the weight of carrying the women that I would be speaking to around with me...you know that feeling of really wanting to share God's heart with them. So, I had a chance to go out to Mia's grave while I was alone preparing for the night. It was a sweet reminder of releasing "daughters" (aka: girls) to Jesus. My mom brought some balloons over earlier in the week and I was able to release them as a representation of releasing the women to the Lord. I loved watching the balloons float away as I cried in hope of what God wanted to do that evening. The day before I took some pics of Jada with the balloons...I am glad I did. Here are some fun ones!
  • I will post more on Kiva's birthday...Lord willing :)

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  1. So fun to learn about all that you have been up to! Your girls are so precious. Happy Birthday to Kiva! And I love the pic of Jada and your mom....So sweet :)