Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the eve of Kiv...

This time last year, I had no idea how my eyes would fill with tears listening to Kiva's sweet humms as she falls asleep, or how I would giggle over and over every single day as Kiva's laugh shakes her whole body (especially her pop belly!), or how she affectionately answers to Kiva Bear with a shoulder shrug and a grin, or how much sweeter the spirit in our house is with her playful personality, or even how the beautiful sight of Kiva jumping at the sound of the door opening when Daddy comes home...Not to mention how precious the sight of Jada helping Kiva by bringing her baby to her, or feeding Kiva, or reaching something that is out of reach so that Kiva is happy. I had no idea how my life would be better, our marriage better, our home better, our hearts better, our family better...Kiva just makes everything better. I had hoped for many things when I hoped for Kiva...but there are just some things I would not have known to hope for...Kiva has far exceeded all of my expectations of another daughter. This time last year was the eve of Kiv~ and all the beauty that she brings... I cannot wait to celebrate her tomorrow!~

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