Wednesday, November 4, 2009

happy one week, Kiva!

I love you, Kiva. I love how your legs are wrinkly and how your lips are perfect and your fingers are extra long like mine and how you are easily distracted from crying, and how excited you get to eat, and how you look around really sweetly with eyes that are so bright, and how you fall totally asleep the moment the sun hits your skin, and how noises of all kinds don't wake you up a bit (even when your sis yells in your face to wake up!), and how you you raise one eyebrow when I rub my finger on your neck and how much you make me think of life and hope and so many wonderful things! So, happy one week birthday, Kiva! I am honored to know you already.

We have been in the sun a lot with Kiva this week...her jaundice is getting better every day and like I said before, she falls asleep and goes limp the moment the sun hits her :)

Our friend, Kay, sent us a surprise Moses basket yesterday and it was perfect timing for us to lay her in the sun by the window...she loves it and so do I.

Jen Cavin made Jada and I matching slings for our babies. Jen sent it a while back, but I just let Jada open it last night. It was such a beautiful night and we decided to go on a walk together. Jada was SO excited when she realized what it was and we walked for a really long time. Thanks Jen! And yes, I am wearing pj pants on a walk and oh how I want to do some serious photoshop work on my body...but all vanity aside...I love this pic of our sweet Jada mommy!


  1. You have blessed my morning and my day by your entry and beautiful photos fo your girls...oh how I can't wait to see you all. Love you oodles!

  2. There should be so many words that should come to mind. But the only one that come to mind is BEAUTIFUL!


  3. So precious! I love that you and Jada have matching slings :) Do any of the clothes work for Kiva? Although, it looks like she isn't wearing much these days...Hope to see you all again soon!

  4. can't wait to get my hands on her! and that jada looks like one proud sister!! i love that pic of her and you with the slings. she looks beautiful!!!!

    on a totally random note...i noticed your light in the background and remembered that we too had that same line of fixtures in our previous abilene house. we loved them! we would really like them in our new home we are building but can't seem to find them. we believe they have been discontinued. i was wondering if by chance you guys remember the brand and the name of the line that they are from????? told you it was random :)

  5. How cute are y'all in your matching slings!?!?