Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh My...

Yesterday was a nice break for me. My mom had Jada all day and Kiva and I were on the same eat/sleep schedule :) It was nice. However, I did get to clean up Jada's room...and, well and I just had to show you what I found in her bed!!!

That's right. 10- count em- 10 blankets, 9 stuffed animals and 6 books! That is not showing three pillows and her twin quilt! Where did the child sleep?????

And a quick update on Kiva...she is doing great! Her jaundice is steadily improving and we are settling into our family of 4 well (thanks to family and friends' help!)


  1. fun times! all kinds of stuff gets lost in bedspreads...just wait, the discoveries are only beginning!!

    Kiva is gorgeous...I just love those long, wrinkly legs :) What gorgeous girls!!

  2. glad to see Ming Ming made it into the mix! haha