Sunday, November 1, 2009

oh how we love our girls

Out of our sleepy fog, we are in love with these little girls! Kiva couldn't be more precious...she is a great eater, she is so fun and alert at times :) and she is such a sweet little snuggler. Big sis, Jada, has also been amazing in her transition so far.
There have been some really especially sweet moments that we have all experienced the redemption and kindess of the Lord. Hearing the noises that Kiva makes; crying, squeaking, cooing, sighing...they are priceless to my soul! I love them and even in the middle of the night find myself laughing out of utter joy! Another, when they were wheeling me out of the hospital we were reminded of how empty and horrible our previous experience was leaving with empty hands...BUT, how wonderful it was to be holding our precious Kiva heading home now knowing the Lord in ways that we have never known before.
Another was sitting in the back seat with both daughters on our way home and literally GIDDY with joy and excitement that this is really happening...we have two daughters to raise!
And there are so many little moments of thankfulness as I have watched Jada be a complete joy through singing, playing lots of pretend, patiently waiting while I feed Kiva, helping with diaper changes and reading books to all of us :) She is such a gift!

Tomorrow Brian goes back to work and we go to the doc for a jaundice test (since I am rh negative) ...hopefully we can get a little bit more sleep than we have, but let's be honest?!


  1. Your girls are absolutely beautiful!! Congrats on baby Kiva! I love that you laugh when she wakes you up in the middle of the night - I need to be more like that! :)


  2. Oh what a smile this brings to my face!!! I have been just sick that I haven't been able to see you yet, or get my hands on that precious little one. Becka is finally fever free today!!! She had a terrible case of the flu that started on Kiva's birthday. I will call later in the week to schedule a time to come by. Hugs and blessings to you all...I love you,

  3. congrats Lees! Kiva's beautiful!!! What a tiny precious baby she is. You've got a gorgeous family :) Praising God for your girls!!