Sunday, November 15, 2009

We would like to introduce...

Sally, Sam & Ollie!

They live with us now. They go everywhere we go, we buckle them in the car and cover them up for bed and they even go to dance class with us! Yep, Jada has some imaginary friends :)

They started off as snails and an octopus in a made-up story told by MiMi, and now if you ask Jada, they are people...little people that we all take care of. Jada has been pretend playing for quite a while now so this next step doesn't surprise me at all. She is so creative and detailed and I will keep you updated on these new friends of ours. I had two imaginary friends when I was about her age...Keykoo and Kondie...and they were a part of our daily lives for a while and then one day they decided to move to New York (I am pretty sure to pursue a career in dance). So, Sally, Sam and Ollie could move anytime or they could be around for a while?!

And on another note...we are all doing well. Settling in and enjoying our sweet Kiva. I have a lot floating around in my brain, but journaling will be my next step and hopefully I can squeeze in some of that kind of healthy mommy time in the scriptures and journaling! Until then...

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