Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a day in the life & blue bell!

Monday...a stay at home jammy day...so the inspiration of 'a day in the life'...some of the most precious moments a mom can ask for...and the life around us! I have been reminded lately of the "little things" that are truly some of the most precious moments of my life...the way our laundry piles up on the long green chair, the way our dogs lounge around the house, the way our sweet girls play in simple ways...I really love the gifts of our children and my days with them. So...lots of photos...I will really like looking back on these :)
sweet kiva in the bathtub

a photo in the mirrorjada dressed in her first costume of the day...painting her first page

Kiva loving the finger foodsBaxter's normal resting place
"mommy hermit crab"...the crab that seems to love it here :)
and good ol' Tali making sure everything is alright

a good cup of coffee and some scriptures

kiva really loves taking toys out of a basket or bin...she takes toys out one at a time and then sets it to the side and goes back for another. pretty cute :)
we played in these spots for almost an hour...it was sweetand notice the change in costume...now time for the purple tutu
nightly blessing book and bible reading...usually doesn't happen with both girls on Brian's lap...but it did in this moment
And today I got to meet up with a sweet high school friend of mine, Kellye Frazier...and her three boys. We went to the Blue Bell factory in Brenham. It was a great time to hang with our little people and eat yummy ice cream! It is always wonderful to be with her...always easy just like we never skipped a beat. Thanks for the idea, Kel, and we must do it again sooner than last time :)


  1. I love your sharing heart & spirit...your postings of words & snapshots of real life moments. I am always blessed by what you share...thank you & love you!

  2. kiva is so chubby and cute! i'm so excited to play with you guys next week!!

  3. i'm so glad big daddy got a shout out :) those lee girls are so stinkin' cute!! can't wait to see them when I get back!

  4. Love you, so thankful that we can see the before & after pictures of one another and see the visible proof that Jesus lives, moves & changes! So thankful to meet sweet Kiva, to hold her for a moment (until she realized she was not with you!!) and praise God for the gift He has brought in her. So thankful for Jada and getting to know her sweet spirit more and to see how much she adores you and follows you. So thankful for the fellowship in the midst of little voices & questions & beginnings of friendships and getting to be moms together for a day every now and then. Next time we'll go milk the real cow ;-). xoxo