Thursday, June 3, 2010

so many photos-so little time

Lots brewing in my head recently. I have been editing a lot so I have been listening to a bunch of sermons. Challenging...some really good stuff. I will write more about some of my thoughts another time, but if you have any time check out "the church at brook hills" and then "secret church" or "the radical series" You can't go wrong with those!

How about a little photo update:

sink baths have been SO much fun!

Kiva went swinging at the park for the first time...she LOVED it!

we celebrated Jared and Risa at a fun shower at the park...only three weeks away!

all the little girls at the shower
Jada and Izzy matched with their ballerina swimsuits!
Izzy and Kiva sporting the sun hats...they are only a week!
jada photographed her first picture...her subjects were Kiva and Aunt Ashley :), the next two pics were Jada's photography as well..her first pic was the best for sure!!
we used the waver on our hair...we played beauty shop...jada's hair is crazy big riding the horse...she thought it was fun to have our hair matching
I call this picture flash face- the flash on the point and shoot is so bright- but I liked her sweet expression!Kiva leaned forward right when we went in for the kiss!


  1. I LOVE these pics...they make my heart smile! God brought them to me, just at the time I needed them. Love you all oodles!

  2. aah! your girls are sooo beautiful! i love seeing your pictures. i miss you all! hugs and kisses from us!

  3. Those pics are great...I love the girls in the sink! How fun! Kiva has gotten so big....I need to see her soon. The girls are out of school for the summer so let's get together sometime.