Sunday, June 13, 2010

our first video...or maybe not! Anyone?

Kiva is a jumper...when she stands in your lap she we naturally decided to get a "johnny jump up" and she loves it! Also, we did a monumental thing this week, we moved Kiva's crib down and put a mobile in her bed. Super fun. Our new point-n-shoot has a low quality video camera in it and we have been experimenting with it. I am terrible at it! I keep turning it vertical like a camera and then realizing it part of the way through. We take lots of random videos around here for Jada to watch! But, I thought I would post a random video of the girls in Kiva's bed just to get the first video blog out of the know, break the ice a bit. Enjoy. Well...maybe not?! Anyone have any advice on uploading video? It is taking forever and then showing an error?!


  1. i've noticed blogger is inconsistent with loading videos. sometimes its quick and other times it takes a long long time and then it reports there is an error. when that happens i usually upload the video to Youtube. Its fast and then you can easily link it to your blog. hope that helps! we want to see videos of your cute girlies!

  2. i can help you out next time i'm over :)