Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a love/hate relationship and gymnastics!

We returned from Oklahoma last night...it was a great time. The car trips were....well, lets just say we are glad they are over for the week :)

Today Jada started summer gymnastics!! Pretty fun. A small group of boys and girls from the church are doing it all together, it is a great excuse for all of us to hang out...and I am quite glad I am not teaching, just watching!!!

Now for the love/hate relationship...I LOVE the size of my new little point-n-shoot camera, it is cute, blue and it fits in my purse so well. I had it with me this weekend and at the gym today, which was so convenient! BUT...I hate the picture quality! Kind of despise it. Still grateful for it and glad to have it and will continue to use it...I am just going to have to get over it! So...in all of their glory (kidding)...here are some photos from OK, the car ride and gymnastics!
cherish and jada jammy day
our view of kiva in the car...look at that precious little hand! :)
Sweet Kivabalance beam...cutie!their teachers...and ben

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