Sunday, July 25, 2010

Answered prayer!

As we were having dinner with some friends, we realized that we really needed to document the ways the Lord has been answering our prayers in regards to here goes!

Last spring, Jada was really sick all of the sudden. She was throwing up and screaming in pain. It was scary. We took her to one of the smaller emergency rooms in the area since our regular family doc was out of town. When we arrived, it was so so sad. She was really hurting and about every two minutes she would scream out in pain and had some bouts of vomiting. The docs could not identify the cause and told us that it would probably keep going and spread to Kiva for days before it was all over. All of this happened to be on a Wednesday night (our regular small group meeting night) so they met at another place and really spent time praying, and really asking the Lord to relieve her from pain and heal her. They texted us when they were praying and no kidding, 10 minutes later she was pain free, laughing and wanting a happy meal :) WHAT? Seriously, it was done. And Kiva never got it. Our small group was so encouraged and so were we! Jada totally knows that God healed her.

Last week when we were on vacation with my family, we switched condos in the middle and I accidentally left Jada's special night light that is a moon and sun. By the way, this is one of the coolest things ever to train your children to stay in bed until the "sun" comes up. It is called the "Good Nite Lite" if you want to know about it :). the next day in our new condo we were trying to figure out how we could get this special night light back. We knocked on the door to the old condo in hopes that the new guests would just hand over the night light...however, no answer three different times. Jada cried, really grieved her night light, not like throwing a fit, but really sad and asked Brian to please pray that God would give the night light back to her. Precious prayer. SO of course we really wanted that for her....and Brian was fully prepared to get online and order another one soon. The next morning on our way to the pool, Brian knocked on the old condo door and the new guests handed guessed it...Jada's night light!!! Jada was so thrilled and squealed and said God answered our prayers! She then was giddy with delight holding her sun/moon. About a minute later I asked "Are you so happy that God answered our prayers?" and she said "YES, and I think God is happy too." Amen.

And two nights ago Jada had this huge fever blister on her top lip. It looked like it really hurt, and anyone who knows Jada knows that she was letting us know with crying and being a bit overdramatic. She couldn't eat or drink easily and was truly in pain. That evening we were able to pray and Jada asked the Lord to heal her lip. The next morning Jada had her bowl of cereal in front of her morning sprout show while Brian, Kiva and I were in the kitchen. A couple of minutes later we hear Jada shout "My lip is healed!" "What did she say?"...we asked eachother. I said "I think she said that her lip pealed." So we asked again..."MY LIP IS HEALED!" She was right, it was gone.

She has seen God answer prayer in beautiful ways and so have we. Thank you Lord for building our faith through our children!

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