Saturday, July 31, 2010

one hand...almost!

Kiva is 9 months old!!! And she is just so close to she crawled once...meaning one knee and one hand and then flopped onto her belly and did the good arch stretch. Crawling is just around the corner for this household! And we have had an enjoyable last week being home...I love Brian being home from work for the summer! It is such a gift! So, here are some fun pics of some of the fun we've been having!
at the children's museum
painting the car at the museum
Jada and Piper at the children's museum playing dress up

Kiva is really good at looking at the camera and smiling...which has been fun!
Daddy took this one...I like it.My mom reconnected with our neighbor when I was 18 months old until 4th grade...Gayla. It has been fun to catch up with her...thanks to facebook :)
Right now the Hollands are here visiting...we love them...proof, when they were almost here Jada went and got one of her chairs and looked out the window saying "Faith, Jacob...Faith, Jacob..." over and over in a sing-song style. She was giddy when they arrived.
And a little movie before bed time last night. Tonight, the three oldest are having a 'sleepover' in Jada's room...and are sleeping soundly. Precious.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the adorable pics...I love finding a new blog post on your page and catching up with you this way until we see each other face to face. I have to ask what size Kiva is wearing, because I bought her birthday present Friday! I am never early for anything!!! Love & hugs to you all