Monday, July 5, 2010

God, You are Faithfulness!

Tonight we began teaching Jada how to pray in a super intentional way. Over the last year, Jada has requested for us to pray for many things; her mosquito bites, for Kiva to grow big and strong, for orphans, for Daddy, etc. We saw that she valued prayer, but she always wants us to be the ones praying. She has said some prayers that have been precious...but most of the time she asks us to pray. I recently asked her why and she said that she doesn't know how. I found a little poster at an educational store here and I thought this would help Jada understand a little better. So, tonight, we started with her thumb :) ....which was "PRAISE GOD."
Brian, Jada and I talked about what it means to praise God; basically saying "God, you are..." We then applied it. Brian went first "God you are so big." Then I went "God you are so strong" Then Jada went "God you are faithfulness."....precious. Brian went again "God you are kind." My turn, "God you are loving." Jada ended with "God you are so nice to us." AMEN. I praise God for that! She kept holding up her thumb saying "PRAISE GOD."
So...we will go from there...a good place to start. The next is confess your sins...the pointer finger...weird. Anyway, I am glad for this tool to help us teach Jada how to pray. She is just entering into a totally new world of bigger kid that we need SO much help on. Praise God that He knows how to draw her to himself...we just need to ask for Him to help us lead her there. Thanks to you all for being a part of this process of parenting with us!!!

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  1. ...and all God's people said,"AMEN!".

    Thank you for sharing this with me. This is a wonderful introduction to my morning & to my time with Him. I have been meaning to tell you that Calvin continues to pray specifically for Kiva every night...not having missed a night since before her life began. He prays, "that she will have a long & wonderful time on this earth.".
    Love to you all!