Thursday, July 22, 2010

what day is it again?

I really thought today was Monday...all day. I love that! I have taken off of work for two weeks now and we just returned from a family vacation with no phones and computers! Sigh...deep breath...and I am definitely on the computer in the moment trying to organize all of our pictures over the past few weeks. There are a whole lot of photos...prepare yourself!...
two sunsets...seriously beautiful view from our condo!

moody gardens...jada was inside a caterpillar cocoon!
penguins at moody gardens
jada loves mimi loves jada loves get the point
some chill time at the condo
kiva bear with daddy getting ready for our moody gardens adventure
the following photos are from some of my favorite times during our trip. One morning Jada wanted to play dress up and we did. Jada and I danced while Kiva wore a tutu and watched with joy! Daddy had some fun too :)

Kiva is so close to crawling!
our jenga games got serious!

jada resting in our "cozy bed"
Jada is really becoming a good little swimmer
Kiva's first time in the sand and ocean was a success!
how precious is this!...little polka dot outfits...
too fun!
Uncle Jason and Aunt Shannon!
Kiva's room was our closet...and here is Jada feeding her teddy bear in the closet about to put her to bed :)fun times
family pic.kiva's first cupcake...we had a little celebration for Jada's friend Ella before we left for vacation..Kiva LOVED the rainbow cupcakes :)
Brian's cousin Sarah came and visited...Jada had a blast!
Brian's Aunt Jennifer also came was fun
4th of July...Jada watching her first fireworks!
Can you just sense the delight from Kiva in the "fun basket"?...they both did great in HEB together!


  1. great pictures! you really can see such joy on your girls faces. looks like you had lots of fun! i can't decide which is my favorite...kiva in the tutu or jada feeding her precious!

  2. I am loving these pictures, Steph!! Thanks for sharing! I love how Kiva is so in tune with the camera these days. So thankful the vacation was wonderful. We love and miss you guys!!!