Saturday, March 19, 2011

It was a pretty big day...

Jada has been awaiting this day for a long time...for months she has been asking about it. And FINALLY (in Jada's world) the much awaited day came. That's right people...her Half-Birthday! She officially turned 4 1/2 today. I am really not exaggerating in any way...for some reason she has longed to be 4 1/2. So of course, I made a little blueberry struesel for breakfast with four and a half candles and we sang. She was giggly excited. Then she was surprised with "blonde" Ashley coming over with a crayon-tower and two little flowers to plant in cute little pots. I don't think there could be a better gift than a crayon-tower for 4 1/2 year old Jada. She was mesmerized and giddy. And then of course, we finished the day with some pink and white circus animal cookies with sprinkles. It was fabulous. I asked her "If you could do anything for her half birthday, what would it be?" She said she wanted to have a sleepover with Bernie and Kellie. So, Monday Jada's wish will be granted. SO fun. And the day ended with a very silly bath time leading into this scene...
Kiva pushing Jada in her grocery cart AND the doll stroller...we were all cracking up at one point!
So there you have a fun and very happy four and a HALF year old Jada!
On other news, spring break was great with Brian home. We were able to relax and just be together as a family a lot. I am super grateful for this time! On Friday we went to the zoo in Waco and met our old/good friends, The Coles and Sepulvedas...minus their husbands who don't have spring break :(. It was great to see them and to see our children growing up together. We took a group pic at the end...which was pretty funny, but it is proof that we were together!

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