Wednesday, March 9, 2011

some love

Here are lots of random photos that I just had to share...some life stuff...most of these were taken with my phone camera so sorry for the blurriness. I just love these girls!
Here...a normal morning consists of Jada dressing up in a 'beautiful dress" and Kiva immediately finds some sort of jewelry!
Aunt Shannon gave this cutie outfit to Kiva...I love these photos. This is a Kiva deep thought face...or "I am considering if I should obey or not."And this is very normal...Kiva is ALWAYS running/walking super duper fast!Jada likes wearing her hair in "bun-piggies"...she reminds me of minnie mouse but cuter :)this is a pic from a few weeks ago but Jada has been practicing her "wink" that she is proud of mom and I went to a quilting store to just look for fabric for Judson's room...and we found the cutest turtle fabric and I just LOVE the colors. We found everything that we love! So, my mom will begin doing Judson's bedding soon. YAY!

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