Monday, March 21, 2011

Some things I've been thinking on...

So...a few days ago I started to write this blog...and I gave myself some bullet points that I wanted to make sure and share are the "bullet points":


Washing all pink loads... anyone?

The Gospel..."A Gospel Primer for Christians"

Having three kids and would love some heads up...

Gratitude...I love the noise of the girls voices.

Jada's sleepover success and why I am so thankful for the girls in our lives...

After I wrote the bullet points for myself I decided I was too tired to think that I closed my computer and went to sleep!

So now, in the middle of my Wednesday, after just completing some photography work, I am coming back to it (not really full of energy) set on completing this mission too! And so I don't have to say it later...all of these pictures were taken from phones, so please excuse the blurriness and try to enjoy the moment :)

Here goes...I have been thinking about what following the Lord was like when I first came to Christ. It was Good Friday 1998. I knew I had so much to learn and in a short season grew so quickly. It was fun and hard and challenging and beautiful...I look on that season fondly. The Lord gave me deep understanding of who Jesus is and how He is so much better than anything else. That came out in all sorts of different circumstances where surrender (though through tears at times) was easy. When I say "easy" I mean, it was so clear that Jesus was better and I had to make a choice...Jesus or "fill in the blank". I learned quickly that my heart wasn't a safe gage to follow and that I had to lean into and trust what the bible said. The Lord was gracious and over and over again spoke loud and clear. The Lord redeemed so many things that were broken and still he continues to redeem things and relationships from my life "before Christ." So, as I have been reflecting on the Lord's current redemption of things from long ago, I have asked myself the question "what about now? What am I surrendering now? Am I continuing to make choices that say Jesus is better than...?" Through all of this, I think the Lord is asking me to be more disciplined in prayer, in the scriptures and in pursuing Him more...just talking to Him more. I am excited and hopeful...I don't want to miss anything the Lord could give me or my family out of laziness or an unexpectant posture towards Him.

And I find myself sorting clothes for laundry and now I have a whites, darks, mediums, and pinks...yep...I run all pink loads! Every now and then purple will join the pink party too, but good thing Judson is coming next to defend the blue in our home!

And it seems there has been a lot of talk about the gospel...what it really is and the implications of it for a lost world. I have lots of thoughts, but mainly I wanted to write about a fabulous book that my friend Kari gave me last summer. It is called "A Gospel Primer for Christians". I have found it sooo good and helpful for me to understand the Gospel in deeper ways and to literally remember it daily for myself and the people I see in the places that I go. You can get it for $5 on is really really worth your time and energy getting it!
And since we are embarking on being outnumbered by the children in our home...I thought I would ask any and all of you to give me some advice on how to mother/parent three children. Anything from carefully shepharding their hearts to how to grocery shop would be helpful! So, please get back to me on it...assume I am clueless!

And we had a day at home recently where there just never seemed to be a moment where Jada or Kiva weren't needing my full attention. They were loudly calling for me constantly...even when I was sitting next to them or holding them. And I was feeling some anxiety start to rise up in my heart when I seriously and suddenly broke into laughter...the sounds of their voices turned from needy to wonderfully delightful...they will be in their 20's far too quickly...and the days that I have with them now are truly treasures to me. So, as I ask the Lord for patience and perspective, I hope to enjoy every single moment they need something or just want my attention :). I am grateful for it!

And I left off last time with Jada wishing for a sleepover for her huge and monumental 4 1/2 birthday. Well, it was amazing. Bernie and Kellie celebrated her so sweetly. They made her favorite meal...pancakes and bacon...and the pancakes were even pink! The evening she was gone I was truly overwhelmed and humbled by their love. There is something so unique about other people extravagantly loving your children. I thought about how that must be why the Lord tells us to love one another...He really enjoys it. So, thank you Bernie and Kellie for Jada's...and I quote..."best night of her whole life in the whole world."
And on other random are some other photos from our latest days...Jada had a play date at the Crawford's home and when Kiva and I went to pick her up we walked in on a girl band. Love it!
And make no mistake...Kiva loves Aunt Ashley. She points to her picture when she is not there and says "A-ley" and gets excited every time she sees her. So...I took this pic of Kiva reaching for Ashley's pic to prove to her that she does this while she is not precious!
And with these fabulous spring days we've been having, we have been going on lots of walks and made many trips to the park. The girls LOVE bringing their sand toys and can spend hours shoveling dirt, sand or rocks into different containers. And you may recognize the brown dress that Jada is wearing from when she was a flower girl. Truth is, she wears this "princess dress" daily...even on walks. So funny. And the last picture is a bunny that was hopping down our street last week on one of our walks. The girls were giggling and totally into this little guy...Jada requested that I take a pic. So here it is :)


  1. i love your family.:)

    a friend of ours asked if she could take ellie out for an ice cream date for her birthday. i felt so loved and happy that she wanted to spend time with and love on Ellie. I love the way you connected other people loving our kids and the joy we feel with how God enjoys when we love each other! so glad Jada had the best night of her life!

    and my three kid advice is... to be organized. have a flexible schedule. spend alone time with each of them whenever possible. give the older kids jobs to help you with the baby so they feel needed in the family. make everyone have "rest time" even if they dont nap. get up before the kids in the morning. give yourself 45 minutes to get everyone ready and into the car peacefully. dont buy shoes with laces unless the child can tie them herself. keep a stash of dark chocolate hidden somewhere for 3:00 in the afternoon. do one load of laundry everyday all the way through.(wash, dry, fold & put away) Wear mascara every day. And come to Waco often to meet us at the zoo! :)

  2. i liked this line...
    I learned quickly that my heart wasn't a safe gage to follow and that I had to lean into and trust what the bible said.

  3. ok. The best 3 kid advice i can give you...i should just make a post eh? Jenn Cole too! :)

    1. Buy an Ergo. :)

    2. Get the kids out of the car from youngest to oldest when you reach your destination. You can set the baby in the double stroller (Joovy Caboose Ultralight recommended) or Ergo him to you then have two hands to get your girls out. Remember- baby first b/c baby can't run into the street. ALWAYS put brakes on when you set baby in your double stroller and TRAIN and DISCIPLINE your girls NOT to touch the breaks. Seriously. You turn you back once and a small little foot has messed with that break...bad bad. When returning from your destination and getting back into van/suv it's safest to load in reverse order- baby last. Attempt to get everyone back in on the same side. Kids can climb back into their car seats then you can go around car yourself to buckle older two.

    3. Baby first when unloading into the house b/c (if you have a REALLY chill baby like me) your baby could easily be forgotten, but i promise you YOU WILL KNOW if Jada and Kiva aren't there. For some reason the older two make themselves known :) I was always terrified that i would leave my peaceful little baby in the car b/c she was so quiet. This is similar advice that a friend who has 6 under the age of 7 told me: WHEN YOU GET HOME FROM SHOPPING ALWAYS GET ALL CHILDREN OUT OF CAR FIRST. THEN grab grocery sacks after everyone is inside. She said it's so easy to want to grab groceries along with children but it's just not worth it bc you really could leave a child in the car by mistake. Thankfully this has never happened to us but i think it's real and wise. Resist grabbing that bag!

    4. Dress girls in bright colors when you are in busy public places (zoo, children's museum, library, etc.). I also often click a quick pic of them on my cell phone in their bright outfit in case they ever got lost. I could just flip open my phone and scream, "Find this child in this outfit!" :)

    5. Make sure you get special time with Kiva. Titus/Jada are social bugs and will make sure they get mommy time. Judson/Leala will demand mommy time. Elli/Kiva won't demand it but need it just as much. She's the one i constantly have to think, "pull Elli up in your lap and read a book to her... Ask her a good question..." I would intentionally focus on Kiva in the transition. :)

    oh and can i just say i LOVE those kiva curls?!?!!!! what sweet hair she has!

  4. one of these days kiv will say "A-ley" in front of me! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Wednesday- we'll work on it :) love you guys...and that picture of bernie skipping