Monday, March 7, 2011

Our son's name!...

Has anyone ever heard of a missionary named Adoniram Judson? If you know Brian, you know that he loves reading biographies of the people God has used to change the world. One of his favorite biographies was of a man named Adoniram Judson who was alive 1788-1850. He was a missionary to Burma and literally created their written language AND translated the bible AND started the first Christian church there AND suffered a whole lot yet remained faithful to God and God's call on His life. He lived a life of surrender and obedience and God used him mightily!

His story is should read all about him! Especially since he is our son's namesake! His name actually means "one who praises God"...and Christopher is Brian's middle name and means "christ-bearer." So we are praying for our God Praising-Christ Bearer!!!

Judson Christopher Lee!


  1. Love it! I can already picture little Judson Lee! Need to get busy behind the sewing machine. can't wait! :)