Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Noah needs them...

Today was a big day...Jada slept for the very first time w/o her paci!!!!!!

After reading Jen Cavin's blog about Sam taking his paci's to the babies, I thought to myself "That's it! Baby Noah is coming soon!" Who is baby Noah? Our good friends, the Jones', had their third child yeterday! Jada and I talked all day about giving her pacis to baby Noah because he is a baby and he needs them. She would say "Yay!!...not right now?!"

So, today we packed up all of Jada's paci's from our house and MiMi's house, put them in a plastic bag and delivered them to Noah. As we walked into their room I was taken back at how seriously beautiful this little man is...so I was holding him with delight when Jada asked, "where's Jada's pacis?" She took the bag out of my purse and happily delivered them to Noah. She was delighted. I was SO proud of her sweet little heart. Since Noah was sleeping she gave them to Noah's mommy for later ;).

We went straight to Wal-Mart to reward her with a new toy for her doll...she chose a swing for her baby and we got her a new baby with a paci (because babies need paci's...not big girls ).

On the way home I cried. She was so proud and excited to help baby Noah. I began to realize what a sacrifice this was for her... and she was glad to do it. It was a lesson for me.

THEN...it was naptime...which wasn't too bad...there were tears and she said "Jada neeeeeds her paci, mommy go back and get 'em." I was trying my hardest not to laugh.

So...I am such a proud mommy and am super excited about our sweet little girl...who is absolutely NOT a baby anymore :) Ok...so she's my baby, but you get my point!


  1. That's what Elizabeth did! She gave all her pacies to Ms. Jamison, who was pregnant.

    Jada is such a big girl!!! Yay Jada!

  2. Your plan was 100 times better than mine. Somehow I got Blaine at age 2 to give them to the trashman who came on Tuesdays since he was now a big boy. We put them out for the trash man in the trash. They came, took the trash away with the his pacis. Well w/in minutes Blaine was chasing after the trash trucks looking in everyones empty trash cans crying hysterically for me to get them back. It was a high drama day. I guess I should go ahead and pay for that therapy session for him as well, huh? Sweet Sweet Jada! Prayers for a restful sleep where she will not even know they are gone to baby Noah.

  3. Way to go Jada! I so remember that huge milestone in Cole's life.

  4. You give me hope. I think Paige will go to kindergarden with hers. She loves it. Matter of fact, she sleeps with like 7 in her crib. I will walk in there and find one in her mouth and her holding a back up. I can not even imagine breaking this habit later on. Keep me posted!


  5. What a great idea. You are such a good mom. I just took Cruz's paci one day and never gave it back. I hope he wont have to process that pain when he is an adult!! :)

  6. So precious. It is absolutely NO surprise Jada has a giving heart...she certainly comes by it naturally! And I'm sure you hear it all the time, but every picture you post of her is just beautiful!

  7. I love it Steph! And what a great toy choice to commemorate the occasion. I found myself a little sad for moving past bobby stage too. Is it possible that are little ones are moving toward becoming big ones? I really didn't think I would become a sentimental mom, but it's creeping up on me.

    How I'd love to get our big kids together & let them swap stories!
    Love you Lees!

  8. That is precious! And her little baby doll swing is adorable.

  9. This is a great story! I will remember it when it comes time for Bailey to give hers up.