Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jada loves Toby and I love our Com-Group Girls!

So, Jada has been addicted to "Super-Toby"...a video that some of our friends posted of their son flying like superman. She will wake up some mornings and say "Jada watch super Toby mommy please?" So, we do. She loves him. Last week we took a short day trip to Waco to visit Toby and the Coles. We went to the zoo and had a great time together...Toby was doing all sorts of things to get Jada to laugh and they were really really cute! Steph Cole posted a little video of the kiddos on their blog (listed on the right "The Coles") So, when Jada woke up yesterday from her nap this was her reaction...

Even as I type she is saying "Jada see Jada and Toby...where is Jada and Toby?" She loves it! Thanks, Steph! And yes, I think it would be absolutely wonderful for the Lees and the Coles to be related through marriage one day down the road :)!

On another note...last night the girls from our small group went out to dinner and then joined the other ladies of com-church for some hang time and games. Here is a pic of us....I really really love them!


  1. haha, i love her face! and her little giggle-laugh is precious!

    is your hair curled in the picture of your com-group girls? or is it braided? david and i were looking really close, and neither one of us could tell...haha It looks great whatever you did!

  2. that is funny.....that is the first thing i noticed about you in that pic as well. so is it curly? i like it, a lot!

  3. That makes three of us - I was trying to click on the pic to make it bigger! Do tell, Steph, what's your new fashion secret?

  4. you guys are funny...yes my hair is definitely different in the pic but as I type it is as straight and boring as ever :)....I got a crimper 2 weeks ago that does "waves" instead of little crimping...isn't it fun. Lis, if you only had that tool to make my hair in high school for my solos-life would of been so much easier!

  5. i love the crimped hair! you are such a beautiful woman! next time i come over i will bring my 1980's crimpper and we can crimp everyone's hair! me, you, jada, ummm... brian? danny?

    i don't think they would like that but jada would love it!

    oh and ill bring the hair spray... big puffy crimps!

  6. AMEN sista! I really like that look on ya. Did I really do your hair for every competition? Did we hot roll it or did I use a curling iron? Why don't I remember these things any more? I do remember picking apart every curl and the tons of hair spray I used.