Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentine...

Today on my way home from working out I stopped at Starbucks. When I pulled up to the window our friend, Brian aka: "Mr. Bwian at Stawbucks" asked if I had a photo of my husband Brian with me. It wasn't a totally random question. Every time we go to Starbucks Jada talks with the Starbucks crew...they like her and give her oatmeal raisin cookies. Mr. Bwian was trying to tell the rest of the Starbucks crew how much Jada and Brian look alike....long story to say that it got me thinking about Brian and wondered why I don't have a photo of him in my wallet anymore. He is so great and I think we (as wives) get going in life without stopping to think about how blessed we are!

At the risk of being cheesy and although Valentines came and went...I want to take the opportunity to tell you why I am so glad Brian is my husband and I'm really glad he chose me...Top 20 things: oh...and I am going to get some wallets made of me and Brian :)

  1. He likes man things like Braveheart and fried food and cool war illustrations really excite him.

  2. He is really good at helping me around the house with dishes and laundry and he does it without me even asking!

  3. He knows when to ask for help and will ask just about anyone

  4. He loves Jada so dearly...I could watch them interact for hours...I'm tearing up thinking about it!

  5. He is patient with me and my stubborn ways

  6. He really wants to know God more in an honest way

  7. He eats what I cook and seems to like it ok

  8. He lets me get my nails done

  9. He watches Biggest Loser with me

  10. He wrestles with our dogs and b/c of that Tali likes him way more than me

  11. He is good at every sport...seriously, it is kinda crazy.

  12. He values prayer deeply

  13. He wants more out of life and is determined to live fully

  14. Though Brian is not especially an artist, he has lots of friends that are :)

  15. He supports me in all of my ideas...every single one of them.

  16. He is humble and easily corrected...but is confident in who he is.

  17. He loves old books and biographies...

  18. He loves King James language and sometimes uses it in every day things :)

  19. He wants to have lots of kids

  20. He works really really hard...he works more than anyone I know...and he really doesn't complain about it!

  21. Ok...one more...He tears up with me when Jada sings sweet worship songs.


  1. awe, i like that pic! you have yourself a great man.

  2. made me laugh out loud! i'm so thankful for you two!!!

  3. maybe I need a pic of my hub in my wallet...I don't even have one of the kids...my hub stole it!!!
    Coffee was great, thanks for sharing it with me!

  4. I like that picture of you two! Brian is a good man!

  5. Awww, you made me cry! Awsome little family, you three!

    Love you lots....always!

    I'm blogging too now.....suzanneousley@blogspot.com.