Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Day in the Life...

of Jada...
Today, like many days, Jada woke up saying "Mommy wake up, come and get me!' and repeating that in between her singing and squeeling. Jada greets most days with a giddy attitude for what is to come. Although Jada now sleeps in her "big girl bed" she stays in her bed until I come into her room (she is just following the same rules that we had for her baby bed, we never told her anything different :). She greets me with a "Hi Mommy" and then decides which stuffed animal to take with her to breakfast.

Today is the day that my mom watches Jada so I can get some work done. I am so thankful for this time and Jada looks forward to it too. We lovingly refer to it as her "MiMi day." So, as I was getting dressed and ready to go Jada leaves my room saying "Jada get some things to take to MiMi's"...and about a minute later this is what I see...
a puppy, a goldfish, her purse, her bunny ears, her umbrella, her zebra slippers, her blanket and her paci...

I cracked up- especially when she was trying to hold all of these items while brushing her teeth.

Jada wanted to take a pic by her big girl bed before we left for her "MiMi day"...she is very proud of it!

So, for the record...I think "terrible two's" is a big fat lie! I love two year old Jada in more ways than I know how to explain. She is creative, thoughtful, silly, sweet, inquisitive and totally fun!


  1. Oh my, I want to eat her up! Steph, I think you have just been blessed with a very, very sweet and kind little girl b/c I promise the terrible twos are very real in our house (and still are at three).

  2. You have the most precious little girl. I work with Brian and have told him this often. Our family continues to keep yall in our prayers! Pam Perrone

  3. That is hilarious!! She is precious!!! I think Julia came to dance like that one day...

  4. Steph! I am so glad to hear about your blog! It's so cute and that Jada is something else! Her and Taylor Joy would have lots of fun together. I'm glad to be able to keep up with you on here now.

    Love you guys!

  5. boys are so very bunny ears and purses running around this house!!!!! hopefully will get to see you guys this week!! love love love!!

  6. I laughed out loud when I saw her "get up!" My Ella was wearing almost the exact same thing this morning! Trade the bunny ears for a flower(from the $1 at Target) and the umbrella for light-up turtle on a string! Same orange paci and all! I love it!

    Taylor and Eric