Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cousin Madyson and such...

This past weekend we were able to go to New Braunfels to celebrate Brian's parents' birthdays. It was a great visit and Jada had an absolute blast with her cousin Madyson. We did a little photo shoot with Madyson on Sunday before we left and I wanted to post them. She is so sweet to is so much fun to watch them play together! Isn't she cute?

Grammy gave Jada some play-dough scissors and taught her how to "roll snakes" and cut here is Jada practicing! She says "open-close-open-close" as she does fun!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Noah needs them...

Today was a big day...Jada slept for the very first time w/o her paci!!!!!!

After reading Jen Cavin's blog about Sam taking his paci's to the babies, I thought to myself "That's it! Baby Noah is coming soon!" Who is baby Noah? Our good friends, the Jones', had their third child yeterday! Jada and I talked all day about giving her pacis to baby Noah because he is a baby and he needs them. She would say "Yay!!...not right now?!"

So, today we packed up all of Jada's paci's from our house and MiMi's house, put them in a plastic bag and delivered them to Noah. As we walked into their room I was taken back at how seriously beautiful this little man I was holding him with delight when Jada asked, "where's Jada's pacis?" She took the bag out of my purse and happily delivered them to Noah. She was delighted. I was SO proud of her sweet little heart. Since Noah was sleeping she gave them to Noah's mommy for later ;).

We went straight to Wal-Mart to reward her with a new toy for her doll...she chose a swing for her baby and we got her a new baby with a paci (because babies need paci's...not big girls ).

On the way home I cried. She was so proud and excited to help baby Noah. I began to realize what a sacrifice this was for her... and she was glad to do it. It was a lesson for me. was naptime...which wasn't too bad...there were tears and she said "Jada neeeeeds her paci, mommy go back and get 'em." I was trying my hardest not to laugh.

So...I am such a proud mommy and am super excited about our sweet little girl...who is absolutely NOT a baby anymore :) she's my baby, but you get my point!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

can't sleep

I haven't posted much about Mia and where my heart is in a while. So, tonight as I lay in bed not able to sleep with tears once again I thought I should share a bit. Most days are good. Every day I think about Mia...some days that means that I think a lot about heaven, some days that means I think about how much fun Jada would be having as a big sister, some days that means I think about God's purposes for Mia's life and other days like tonight I am thinking about the moments that I had with her and how I would do anything for a little more.

As you know, Jada is an absolute treasure to me. I'm not sure how much she really understands about Mia...she knows that we go to "Mia's grave." When we drive into the cemetery she will ask "where's Mia's?" and point to it when she sees the headstone by the tree. She says that Mia is "with Jesus in heaven" and sometimes she adds "and Mia is singing". But this week from nowhere she pointed to my tummy and said "Mia's in there?"

Brian and I have started praying with Jada for a baby brother or sister (or both :)) and we long for that...but tonight I had this sick feeling about having to go back to the same hospital. A part of me was planning on how we can have our other babies at the other hospital in town and another part of me was wanting to fight to redeem that place as a place of life for I cried because I really wish I didn't have to think about it at all because I would of course prefer Mia be here with us. I think and pray and cry I am reminded of a quote that I have had on my whiteboard by our bed "Lord help us to fix our hopes so fully on the joy of heaven that we become the freest of all people." So Lord, once again I ask you to use my precious Mia to teach me how to be free.

And...I am convinced that God hears our prayers and that He is good. I am convinced of that. I am not sure how prayer actually works even though I believe it does and I think the more I practice the more He will prove how wonderful and gracious He is in His timing and purposes. One more quote that I am thinking on tonight through my tears "praying in humble dependence indicates that we are genuinely convinced of God's wisdom, love, goodness and power- indeed of all of the attributes that make up His excellent character."- grudem
So...Jesus, I love you and trust you and want more babies to love on this earth...and I love you for Mia and everything she means to me. I am more alive because of her and I long for heaven from the recesses of my heart that I didn't know existed until I knew Mia. Come Lord Jesus!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jada loves Toby and I love our Com-Group Girls!

So, Jada has been addicted to "Super-Toby"...a video that some of our friends posted of their son flying like superman. She will wake up some mornings and say "Jada watch super Toby mommy please?" So, we do. She loves him. Last week we took a short day trip to Waco to visit Toby and the Coles. We went to the zoo and had a great time together...Toby was doing all sorts of things to get Jada to laugh and they were really really cute! Steph Cole posted a little video of the kiddos on their blog (listed on the right "The Coles") So, when Jada woke up yesterday from her nap this was her reaction...

Even as I type she is saying "Jada see Jada and Toby...where is Jada and Toby?" She loves it! Thanks, Steph! And yes, I think it would be absolutely wonderful for the Lees and the Coles to be related through marriage one day down the road :)!

On another note...last night the girls from our small group went out to dinner and then joined the other ladies of com-church for some hang time and games. Here is a pic of us....I really really love them!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentine...

Today on my way home from working out I stopped at Starbucks. When I pulled up to the window our friend, Brian aka: "Mr. Bwian at Stawbucks" asked if I had a photo of my husband Brian with me. It wasn't a totally random question. Every time we go to Starbucks Jada talks with the Starbucks crew...they like her and give her oatmeal raisin cookies. Mr. Bwian was trying to tell the rest of the Starbucks crew how much Jada and Brian look alike....long story to say that it got me thinking about Brian and wondered why I don't have a photo of him in my wallet anymore. He is so great and I think we (as wives) get going in life without stopping to think about how blessed we are!

At the risk of being cheesy and although Valentines came and went...I want to take the opportunity to tell you why I am so glad Brian is my husband and I'm really glad he chose me...Top 20 things: oh...and I am going to get some wallets made of me and Brian :)

  1. He likes man things like Braveheart and fried food and cool war illustrations really excite him.

  2. He is really good at helping me around the house with dishes and laundry and he does it without me even asking!

  3. He knows when to ask for help and will ask just about anyone

  4. He loves Jada so dearly...I could watch them interact for hours...I'm tearing up thinking about it!

  5. He is patient with me and my stubborn ways

  6. He really wants to know God more in an honest way

  7. He eats what I cook and seems to like it ok

  8. He lets me get my nails done

  9. He watches Biggest Loser with me

  10. He wrestles with our dogs and b/c of that Tali likes him way more than me

  11. He is good at every sport...seriously, it is kinda crazy.

  12. He values prayer deeply

  13. He wants more out of life and is determined to live fully

  14. Though Brian is not especially an artist, he has lots of friends that are :)

  15. He supports me in all of my ideas...every single one of them.

  16. He is humble and easily corrected...but is confident in who he is.

  17. He loves old books and biographies...

  18. He loves King James language and sometimes uses it in every day things :)

  19. He wants to have lots of kids

  20. He works really really hard...he works more than anyone I know...and he really doesn't complain about it!

  21. more...He tears up with me when Jada sings sweet worship songs.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

i'm learning!

So...I feel like I am on top of the world b/c I finally figured out a way to follow other people's blogs. Thanks to the advice...I think I'm off to a good start! I am super lame though, so please send me your blog address if it is not on the list so that I can follow your life through the blogging world! Ok...THANKS!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

learning about blogging...

I am slowly learning more about the blog world. I need help though. I want to follow more of my friends blogs but really don't know how to save them on my blog...make sense? If anyone can help, that would be fabulous!!!

And in my pursuit of figuring out how to find people throught he blog world, I came across an old friend's blog...Becky...and she posted this little survey deal and I thought it was I did it too!

1.High heels or boots? heels :)
2. What time did you get up this morning? 8:00!
4. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? totally don't remember...movies aren't my fav.
5. What is your favorite TV show? Biggest Loser for sure
6. What do you usually have for breakfast? 4 egg whites, an apple, 6 almonds and 3 dried apricots...strange huh?
7. What is your middle name? Stephanie....hmm?
8. What food do you dislike? mayo...dislike is a nice way to say that I hate mayo!
9. What is your favorite song at the moment? There is a Fountain
10. Favorite sandwich? blue baker's powder blue no mayo add spinach
11. What characteristic do you despise? that a characteristic?
12. Clothing? jeans and a black shirt of some sort
13. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation? New Zealand
14. Are you an organized person? I can be
15. Where would you like to retire to? ...I don't think I will ever retire from being a mom or from taking pictures
16. What was your most recent memorable birthday? Last year, 30...Brian threw me a surprise party with our close friends. We sang and Brian led our friends in a time of blessing over me...I don't remember feeling so loved and humbled!
17. What are you going to do when you finish this? eat some m&ms
18. Furthest place you are sending this? the world wide web
19. Person you expect to send it back first? no clue
20.When is your birthday? April 2
21. Morning person or a night person? Night
22. What is your shoe size? 5 1/2...............................I wish, size 9
23. Pets? two dogs Baxter and Tali who happen to be the greatest dogs ever
24. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? Jada is a great "big girl bed" sleeper!
25. What did you want to be when you were little? A dancer of course
27. What is your favorite flower? Pink Lilies and Tulips
28. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? Good Friday
29. What was the last thing you ate? quiche and soup
31. Do you wish on stars? no, but I sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" a few times daily :)
32. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? a rich deep blue
33. How is the weather right now? muggy, humid in the 60's
34. Last person you spoke to on the phone? mom
35. Favorite soft drink? none..they are all nasty and burn my throat
36. Favorite restaurant? Square One in Bryan and Cheesecake Factory in the Wdls
37. Hair color? Blonde by choice ;)
38. What was your favorite toy as a child? Terri my cabbage patch doll...she had lots of accessories too :)
39. Summer or winter? neither...Spring!
40. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate—dark chocolate is my all time fav.
41. Coffee or tea? coffee
42. Do you want your friends to do this also? Yep!!
43. When was the last time you cried? about 20 minutes ago while watching a video of a little baby being rescued by a firefighter 40 years ago...thanks Kare!
44. What is under your bed? books and frames that we don't use
45. What did you do last night? After a really great meeting at our friends house we went on an early Valentines date! It was wonderful!
47. Salty or sweet? Sweet!
48. How many keys on your key ring? 3
49. How many years at your current job? 2 years and 5 months ....ok nine months before that
50. Favorite day of the week? Saturday
51. Positive or negative? Positive
52. How many people will you send this to? whoever reads the blog
53. How many will respond? we will see...
54. Do you like finding out all this stuff about your friends? LOVE IT!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

more fun...

Giggling with Daddy...
How cute are these legs?

she had some shopping to do...

snack time in her monkey chair :)

perfecting her forward roll!

fun at home...

Yesterday I decided to play with my camera while Jada played with her toys...and I thought I would share some of Jada's action :)...and here's my two favorite people !
Yep...they look alike

Some cooking to do :)

hello...MiMi? I kinda like her :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Day in the Life...

of Jada...
Today, like many days, Jada woke up saying "Mommy wake up, come and get me!' and repeating that in between her singing and squeeling. Jada greets most days with a giddy attitude for what is to come. Although Jada now sleeps in her "big girl bed" she stays in her bed until I come into her room (she is just following the same rules that we had for her baby bed, we never told her anything different :). She greets me with a "Hi Mommy" and then decides which stuffed animal to take with her to breakfast.

Today is the day that my mom watches Jada so I can get some work done. I am so thankful for this time and Jada looks forward to it too. We lovingly refer to it as her "MiMi day." So, as I was getting dressed and ready to go Jada leaves my room saying "Jada get some things to take to MiMi's"...and about a minute later this is what I see...
a puppy, a goldfish, her purse, her bunny ears, her umbrella, her zebra slippers, her blanket and her paci...

I cracked up- especially when she was trying to hold all of these items while brushing her teeth.

Jada wanted to take a pic by her big girl bed before we left for her "MiMi day"...she is very proud of it!

So, for the record...I think "terrible two's" is a big fat lie! I love two year old Jada in more ways than I know how to explain. She is creative, thoughtful, silly, sweet, inquisitive and totally fun!